[[Sora kh dissidia|px]]
Dissidia character

Japanese voice actor

Miyu Irino

Enlgish voice actor

Haley Joel Osment

First appearance

Kingdom Hearts


Keyblade (Kingdom Key)

EX Mode

Limit form

EX Burst



Sora dissidia sprite 1,Sora dissia sprite 2


one of hikari's warriors



Sora is the main protagonist of Dissidia: Kingdom Hearts, and is one of Hikari's warriors seeking to defeat Kage.

Battle Intro QuotesEdit

  • V.S Sora: I fight myself now? Stupid!

V.S. Riku: How dare you betray me like this!

  • V.S. Kairi: I hate to do this, but, you leave me no choice.
  • V.S. Donald: Is your magic good enough?
  • V.S. Goofy: You won't win unless you stay on the offensive!
  • V.S. Mickey: So sorry, your majesty...
  • V.S. Xemnas: Nil won't be enough for you, because it's Nothingness!
  • V.S. Xigbar: "As if" snipers would be any match for this!
  • V.S Xaldin: If you're a "dragoon", what the heck am I?
  • V.S. Vexen: You think being a scholar is the same as knowing how to defeat me, old man?
  • V.S. Lexaeus: Let's see if you're strong enough to defeat me, you overgrown hammer-swinger!
  • V.S. Zexion: You call that a weapon, illusionist?
  • V.S. Sa'ix: Can you fight without the moon, you X-faced berserker?
  • V.S. Axel: Get this memorized, ya hot-headed Assassin!
  • V.S. Demyx: (Sarcastically) Don't worry, I'll go easy on you, ya spoony, lazy bard.
  • V.S. Luxord: That's the second time I've seen someone fight with stupidly poor excuse for a weapon, gambler!
  • V.S. Marluxia: Well, if it isn't the Graceful Assassin!
  • V.S. Larxene: I don't like you.
  • V.S. Roxas: Hello, my nobody.
  • V.S. Xion: Kairi, why did you relcolor your hair & put on an Organization XIII cloak?
  • V.S. Ansem, seeker of darkness: Since when did you come back from the dead?!?
  • V.S. Ventus: You look different, Roxas.
  • V.S. Terra: When did you get a different outfit, & a keyblade, Zack?
  • V.S. Aqua: What do you want?
  • V.S. Nicholas: I'm fighting against an idio-oops!
  • V.S. Bruce Lee: If I win, I demand a prize better than if I fought anyone else!