Sora is a 14 to 16-year-old boy and is one of the second keybladers, and the complete being of Roxas, Turas, & Xatrus, & the original self of Xion.

KH2 Sora & more 008

First appearance Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep
Japanese voice actor Miyu Irino
English voice actor Haley Joel Osment

Sora traveled the worlds & saved them from darkness.Then he had to do it again in worlds new and familiar.Then he returned to his island home. Whatever he will do in Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts is currently unknown.

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia Kingdom HeartsEdit

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Sora's gauge target

Sora's drive target for KHIII

Sora appears in DKH as a playable character.

Sora kh dissidia

Kingdom Hearts live action
KH live action screenshot

Sora appears in his Dream drop distance outfit, & he will be portrayed by Tristan Tackett in the movie, & dubbed by Haley Joel Osment, who was his original voice actor.