Fighting style Self-taught
Weapon(s) Zweihander(Requiem, Soul Calibur, Faust, GreatSword, Gram, Flamberge)
Job class Knight
Age 23
Homeworld Soul Kingdom
Birthdate SoulEdge
Nationality German
Japanese Voice Actor Katsuhiko Kawamoto
English Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith

Siegfried Schtauffen (ジークフリート・シュタウフェン, Jīkufurīto Shutaufen) is the main protagonist character in the Soul series and the most central character of the series. Along with Taki and Mitsurugi, he is one of a few characters that has been included in every game in the series since Soul Edge, appearing in Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur II as the story's main villain, as well as appearing in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV as the main hero throughout the series. In Soulcalibur II, he is an unlockable costume for his temporary alter-ego, Nightmare. The non-canon spin-off title Soulcalibur Legends was released in 2007 with Siegfried being the central character, and he has returned in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. Siegfried has been confirmed to return in Soulcalibur V. Now he is one of the party memebers in the world, Soul Kingdom.

What lies in his Soul is Redemption.