Ninja Villages Hidden in Illusion is a KHIII world based on the Anime series, Naruto. Here, Sora meets Naruto, who has a lot in common with him.


This just starts out on another oridinary day in Konoha, when suddenly, Sora, Riku, Nicholas & Kairi, come crashing into the ground, right in front of the gate. When Riku wakes the others up, he then points out the gate. Sora suggests to the other two that they go through, although the two guards, Genma Shiranui & Kotestu Hagane try to argue with the three against it, while trying to physically push them away. After a while, Nicholas gets mad & says, "Shut up. You will let us through, or you'll be sorry. We didn't just come here so we could be shooed away. We came here so we could examine this world. Kind of like detectives." "We don't want detectives", says Kotetsu, "we want ninjas, like us guards, & the villagers inside." Then Nicholas says, "I'll go "ninja-ing" more scars on your ugly face if you don't let us in. Think about it." "Okay, I'll let you guys in. Geez, you're almost as bad as Sakura Haruno", complains Kotetsu. "Well, I think you complain just as much Shikamaru Nara", replies Nicholas.