Nicholas Weintraub

Origin Real Life Person (November 21st, 1996-) Homeworld Radiant Garden (KHIII only) Feaseant Ridge, Fontana, Wisconsin, USA, North America
Weapons Kenpo & Nunchaku

Father, Mother, Severely autistic sister, Aunts & Uncles, cousins, Older step-sister who's now married, their children & my nephew & niece, Grandparents, Dog, cousin's dog(s), Great-Grandmother

Age 15
Romaji Nekurossu
Limit Break Ultimate attack based on emotional Rage
Job Class Edge Master
Role Protagonist
Japanese voice actor Nobuyki Hiyama
English Voice actor Myself

This is a character based on myself.


In vs modeEdit

  • VS Custom Character: Don't think I'll go easy on an ameteur.
  • VS Sora: I'll make you frown.
  • VS Might Guy, Rock Lee & Le Chow Lung: Isn't it tough training all the time?
  • VS Lexaeus: Taking big swings will get you nowhere.
  • VS Tristan, Justin, Delaney, Anashi, Chris, Greg & Mitchell: Sparring with friends is good practice.
  • VS Riku: Let's put off worrying for now.
  • VS Myself: A good chance to know myself.
  • VS Roxas: I hope you find your true self.
  • VS Pyrrah: Sorry, but I won't hold back.
  • VS Xemnas: You can't go stealing hearts.
  • VS Donald: Magic is but a weapon, too.
  • VS Goofy: You can't hide behind that shield forever.
  • VS Demyx & Shikamaru: You lazy bum.
  • VS Naruto: Don't hold back-oh wait, you never do!
  • VS Sasuke: Just because you've been orphaned doesn't mean you should have a bad attitude.
  • VS Tobi, Kakashi & Yoshimitsu: I'll tear that fancy mask...from.your.face!
  • VS Kilik: Let's see if the Ling Sheng su is any match for me.
  • VS Siegfried & Jin Kazama: Now, atone for your sins.
  • VS Nightmare: The world will be better without you.
  • VS Tira: You remind me of Gollum.
  • VS Ivy: Oh, put on some more clothes!
  • VS Sakura: If you don't quit punching people, you'll never get a boyfriend.
  • VS Devil Jin: I'll show you what true terror is.
  • VS Aang & Zasalamel: Time to be reincarnated.
  • VS Sokka: Lose the attitude.
  • VS Toph: I'll blind you forever.
  • VS Voldo: All you know could be an illusion.
  • VS Terra: Don't let your doubts get the best of you.
  • VS Aqua: [Wolf whistle]
  • VS Patroklos: Don't be so cocky & conceited.
  • VS Mitsurugi: Do you want more scars?


Nicholas is the French counterpart of the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos), which means "victory of the people".

Weintraub is a combination of German words; Wein (which means wine) & traub (which means grape).


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Eraqus Lingering Spirit Battle Theme *FAKE*

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Eraqus Lingering Spirit Battle Theme *FAKE*