Link kh
Age 19
Homeworld Hyrule
Japanese Voice Actor Nobuyuki Hiyama
English Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthall
Weapon Sword & Shield(Master sword & Hylian shield), Bow & arrows, boomerangs, bombs, grapple, clawshot, slingshot, & metal boots.
Origin The legend of Zelda
Species Hylian
Final Smash Triforce slash
Final Form Fierce Deity

Link is the Main Protagonist of the legend of Zelda & fights alongside Sora in Hollow Bastion's Heartless, Nobody & Unversed war.


  • (to Ganon after he's defeated) Get you gone, & darken the world of Hyrule no more.
  • (to Navi) Uh, Navi, could you please help me with this?