Lee John Jay
Weapon Ruyi Jingu Bang & Martial arts
Fighting style Ruyi Staff Arts & Kenpo
Homeworld Radiant Garden
Job Class Monk
Japanese Voice Actor Akio Otsuka
English Voice Actor Dave Boat
Based on Jet Li
Age 19
Romaji Rea Jianujaea
Affiliation Chinese

Lee John Jay is another original character who appears in Kingdom Hearts III. His real name is Jet Fang Way.


Lee is the strong, silent type. He always practices his Kenpo in spare time, to prepare for the next battle. He also meditates when he gets bored of training. He is always wise, cool, calm & calculating, & doesn't fight unless neccessary. In fact, he is always trying to keep the peace & stop a fight between his friends, & always tries to balance an argument & come up with a proper solution. If you have a question to ask him, he's happy to listen & answer away.


Lee is a fairy muscular young man who wears his black hair in a queue. His choice of clothing is a white changbao with light blue lining, a dark-blue sash, & a pair of blue slops with white stockings worn over, & black kenpo shoes with light brown 3-like shaped upside down patterns on them.


  • Lee John Jay is based on Jet Li. His nickname of choice is based Jet Li's chinese name. His real name's first name is based on Jet Li's engish name, & the rest of it is supposed to be a pun on Feng Wei, the name of a character in the TEKKEN series who is also based on Jet Li. Both fight using kenpo, & Feng Wei can be customized to have a Ruyi Jingu Bang.
  • Lee John Jay's moveset is the same as that of Hualin, a bonus character in Soul Calibur III, who also uses a Ruyi Jingu Bang, except those kicking moves in Lee's moveset is replaced by Feng Wei's kicking moves.