This is the page about the drive forms that Sora uses in his journeys. Of course, they are always used by others, too.

List of Drive formsEdit

  • Valor Form
  • Wisdom Form
  • Master Form
  • Final Form

Valor FormEdit

Merge: Goofy
Wields: 2 Keyblades
Special-Ability: High-Jump
Expierience gained: For every Hit you made

The Form of the Brave one. Uses fast combo-chained attacks and finishes with destructive Attacks. Can't use magic.
Best Keyblades: Ultimate Weapon & Guardian Soul

Best learn conditions: Timeless River the 4 Windows (many enemys) with a weak Weapon you need often to attack.
For Valor: Weak Weapons and strong Enemys

Wisdom FormEdit

Merge: Donald
Wields: 1 Keyblade
Special-Ability: Quick-Run
Expierience gained: For every killed Heartless

The Power holds the Magic Wisdom and is perfectly made for Magic-Combos. Hard to get used to, but good point is that you can attack from a far distance.
Best Keyblade: Ultimate Weapon

Best learn conditions: Land of Dragons in the Snowtown (cause the Level is not to high and the Heartless get easy killed!)
For Wisdom: High Magic and Weak Enemys

Master FormEdit

Final FormEdit

Limit FormEdit

Boost FormEdit

Zodiac FormEdit

Magestic FormEdit