Le Chow Lung
Weapon Nunchaku, & martial arts
Fighting Style Shissen Karihadi & Jeet Kune Do
Homeworld Radiant Garden
Limit Break A combination of rising Dragon of the Zodiac & Rampaging dragon.
Job Class(es) Martial Artist, Actor
Romaji Ria Saorongu
Enemies Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed Xehanort, "Xehanort's Lackeys", Sephiroth, Seifer, Fuu, Rai, New Organization XIII
English voice actor John Little (His battle cries will be extracted from Bruce Lee's previous movies, including Chinese Connection, Way of the Dragon, & Enter the Dragon.
Japanese voice actor Shigeo Kiyama
Allies Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Eraqus, Nicholas, Cloud, Tifa, Leon, Laguna, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, Rinoa

Bruce Lee is a new Character in Kingdom Hearts III.


Lee is a skinny, yet muscular man with black hair that's combed to the side in front. In his usual attire, he wears black kung fu pants, with a black waist band & black ankle bands, along with tabi socks & kung fu slippers. In his alternate outfit, he wears a yellow tracksuit with black stripes on the sides of the arms and torso which extends up to his trousers and yellow sneakers decorated with black stripes. His casual attire (as seen in extra cutscenes, such as when he's training with his new student, Nicholas) cosists of his red & white 2-piece tracksuit with blue sneakers, as seen from one of the TV shows he's seen in, Longstreet. In his more formal appearance, he wears a tuxedo as seen in Enter the Dragon


Bruce Lee is an active 74 year old man (he retains his appearance of when he was alive ( in his thirties)) so he can defend himself just as well as he used to) who always trains in his spare time, so he can be a great fighter. He is also quite wise, as he invented his own style of Martial Art in 1967, the same year The Jungle Book was released in Theatres.



  • His Romaji is based on his mandarin name, "Li Xiao Long".
  • Bruce will be teaming up with Nicholas.
  • Bruce's 1P form is based on his appearance in Fists of Fury, & his 2P form is based on Bruce Lee's Game of Death suit.
    Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Soundtrack Track 13

    Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse Soundtrack Track 13

    Enter the Martial Artist